Labelle Zanka Street Theater on Five Continents

Storytelling with gestures, costumes, colors
drawn with the source of legendary tales and weaving a close link between sacred and profane. Our screenplay are shared by artists or partners of various disciplines, invaluable tools of communication and prestige our creations have been shown within the framework of exposures on many stages, festivals, media networks
Aurillac, Chalons sur Saone, Dubai, L.A., Madrid, Montréal, Oréol , Paris, Rome, Strasbourg, Toronto, Yokohama …..

  • "LES NOCES CELESTES"/ Montreal 2009 Création pour le Festival Juste pour Rire

Some words on our team and artistic approach:
At the origin of La Belle Zanka, Margot Carrière dreams and creates fascinating worlds of imagination where every actor takes place From dream to reality she gives birth to her night sagas using design and knowledge in costume and street theatre technics as a working platform to communicate and share creativity across various hosting cultures . Every creation is sketched and storyboards lead to final execution over cultural and linguistic limits. Writer and director she gives to scenography and characters a very personal touch, through various esthetic and theatrical proposals .

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Conscious of the challenge in an urbanistic theater she built a rigorous and fascinating esthetic of dream in the heart of the cities,
From 1993 to 2004, she trained many actors and opened new directions for the place of theater in the city, building projects including a whole city population in various worlds of wonder
Since 2005 , a new pulse opens to multicultural projects in Brasil, Japon, Africa, with guest from all horizons. As an hommage to importance of femininity Zanka becomes La Belle Zanka.
La Belle Zanka is a platform where various artists from circus and street art can compare and create new hybrid shapes taking place in the general framework of the show : acrobats, trapeze and all air spectacles , stilters , actors, , dance, vidéo, live music, and choregraphy.
She leads you to a melted world of visions out of time …

Today “labelle Zanka”
is a team of artists coming from various practices, from Theater,Cabaret and Dance to Circus through


new forms of entertainment

Art and Stage Director  Margot Carrière


SONOPascal Boyer Sound and Video design/Musical themes

CONTORSION acrobats,stilters ,trapeze and all air spectacles ,

trapezeactors, dance, vidéo, live music, and choregraphy
High stilts, bouncing stilts, juggling



costumeCostume: tissue, skin, lycra, vegetal, recycled, light, machinery, uniforms, parades, marching bands ….


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